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How to Choose the Right Vhf Radio

Choosing the best VHF radio can be confusing because of the different models and features available. Quality VHF marine radios have a range of features with advanced technology like noise cancellation technology. A model with a long antenna for transmitting and receiving information across the maximum distance possible is preferable. You can get the best vhf radio depending on your needs. Here are tips on choosing the right vhf radio:


A VHF radio can transmit a maximum of 25 Watts. If a VHF communication is available the radio can use less power, which means there is less drain on the power source.

The power setting should automatically switch to low power for on board communication. Start with the lowest power, on a handheld radio it should be lower than 5W. Choose a VHF radio that uses less power to save battery life.

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Type of Antenna

If you are using the VHF radio for marine purposes, a general rule says that the antenna height should be less than half the length of the boat. Antennas with high dB make your signal appear stronger to the receiving stations. A 3 dB antenna is suitable for sailboats because it creates a larger signal pattern. One should get a durable VHF antenna that will last for a long. Better antennas are made of brass or copper for optimum durability and performance.

Antennas that are not expensive use nylon ferrules which are not so strong. The power of transmission of 3dB, or 6dB is the same but it becomes concentrated. This means a radio with 6dB will sound like it has a larger transmitter than a 3dB antenna. Consider other features such as element type, construction material, fittings, and an antenna with a removable connection.

Type of Vhf Radio Available

There are two types of VHF radios available; handheld or fixed panel mount radios. The handheld is small, portable, and ideal for small vessels. They can also be used as a backup for vessels with fixed-mount radios. Choosing the right type of VHF radio will depend on the needs of the user. A fixed mount VHF performs the same function as the handheld one but it is permanently mounted on the vessel.

It is a larger radio separated into two parts; the radio and the antenna. Research to know which type of radio is suitable for your vessel. Fixed panel mount radios offer a greater range than handheld because of their extra power of 25W and external antenna. If you are using a handheld radio consider getting a good Lithium-Ion battery that can provide high battery life.

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Noise Cancellation Technology

This is a type of technology to reduce background noise so that you can communicate without distress. It is done by erasing lower frequency sound waves from the surrounding. It prevents external activities such as wind, traffic, waves, and engine from causing disruptions.

This technology uses IC-M605 to remove background noise and automatically records and saves the last two minutes of an incoming call. It suppresses up to 30% of transmitter audio and 90% of noise in received audio. The cancellation technology improves an incoming signal and increases the voice quality.

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